Honest food
and great entertainment

The lounge is an oasis for homesick Brits, and those who aspire to be homesick Brits. It offers an honest lunch, good five o’clock tea, and port and beer for after-work drinks.

Breakfast: Mon–Sat 6.30 a.m. – 10 a.m. / Sun 7 a.m. – 11 a.m.
Bar: Mon–Sat 11.30 a.m. – 11 p.m.

Prosit and enjoy your meal!

Our food and drink menus

Beer: brew, enjoy, empty, repeat

Beer sampler

Traditional British beer is rich and complex and it would be a shame to taste just one! The same goes for our Swiss beer. Our Beer Flight is an exciting experience for our experimental guests: top-fermented and bottom-fermented beers from Britain and Switzerland are paired with matching snacks.

the perfect pie –
crispy on the outside,
juicy on the inside.

About 100 years ago, a pie, hot as the glowing coals on which it was just baked, disappears inside the dirty jacket of a little boy. It’s pitch-dark outside, and very cold. The heat of the pie against his belly warms the little worker on his way to the mine. He is a young miner boy who works at one of the many tin mines in Cornwall. The pie is his lunch.

Nowadays, pies are a popular snack among bankers in the City of London. But a pie is also a must for watching a football match.

More about our pies

Pies: the worker’s staple from cornwall

A meeting place for visitors and locals

Tea for two –
or more

English cheese


Say Cheese, please

Let’s not forget our cheese. We present a selection of the very best cheeses the UK has to offer. People here tend to be most familiar with Cheddar and Stilton from the prepacked-products fridge in the supermarket. We have made it our mission to prove that these two cheeses in particular deserve better than to end up as a filler wedged between two pale slices of toast.

Our cheese has earned its own page

More than juniper

GIN – happy water for fun people

Whether with tonic, as a Sling, Martini or Gimlet. With cucumber, rosemary or pepper – the choice is yours!

a hearty

It’s definitely worth setting the alarm a few minutes earlier for our breakfast. Local Swiss products sit side by side on The Bristol’s large breakfast table with specialities imported from across the English Channel. You decide whether it’s quick and efficient or something a little heartier.

Beer is food too

Two beer or
not two beer

Hello, where are you?

Happy End

If you have to wait longer than usual for your companion this is probably because of our appealing toilets. A distraction in hot pink.