Bier: an international hit

The story of beer brewing is a resounding success story. Beer is one of the oldest-known alcoholic beverages and is known and loved on every continent. In The Bristol Lounge, we serve British beers and Swiss beers – either alone or in combination with their British colleagues in our Beer Flight.

Top-fermented vs. bottom-fermented

Beer Basics

Beer is divided up into two main types: ale (top-fermented) and lager (bottom-fermented). The difference is in the temperature at which they are fermented. Yeast transforms sugar into alcohol, and top-fermenting yeasts work at higher temperatures than bottom-fermenting yeasts. The higher fermentation temperature creates the typically fruity flavour that many British beers have. We of course serve up both types of beer at our Beer Flight.

with character

Feldschlösschen Braufrisch
This modern unfiltered beer with subtle red tones was awarded the Gold Label at the Swiss Beer Award. Feldschlösschen Braufrisch has delightful notes of malt and caramel. This unfiltered Swiss beer pairs well with light dishes and is the perfect accompaniment to both mild and mature cheeses.

Boddington’s Pub Ale
Inspired by England, imported from England. With its golden colour, creamy head and mild malty flavour with subtle honey notes, this truly is the perfect English pub beer. Boddington’s Pub Ale is a mild beer that goes well with a flavoursome snack, such as our selection of cheeses and meats.

Guiness Draught
Stout is brewed with roasted malt, which lends it the characteristic full-bodied flavour. Guinness Draught has a deep, dark, almost ruby-red colour and a hint of coffee and liquorice flavours, and goes perfectly with flavoursome dishes such as our pies.

Valaisanne Pale Ale
Valaisanne Pale Ale is a Swiss beer that stands out thanks to its chestnut colour and thick head. With its fruity hint of mandarin, it pairs well with spiced dishes, and even better with warm chocolate cake. This is the ideal beer for those with a sweet tooth and a sense of adventure as well as true beer connoisseurs.