Summer Drinks – forever popular

Some drinks never go out of style, while other drinks are newcomers with the potential to become classics. The Bristol Lounge has both – cocktails for the more adventurous sort and connoisseurs of classic bar culture alike.

Get your vitamins

Whisky Sour

1792. A ship sailing on the Atlantic. Alongside pirates and stormy seas, the crew on board faces another constant threat: scurvy. In order to ensure that everyone gets enough vitamins, lemons are added to the whisky on board. The whisky sour is born. Naturally, this classic cocktail, with its simple and yet exceptionally balanced ingredients, had to be included on The Bristol’s cocktail menu.

The evergreen


What makes a daiquiri so beautiful is its simplicity. Rum, lime juice and simple sugar syrup on ice. This gives the cocktail space. The individual flavours of these ingredients are allowed to truly unfold. And, since nowadays it’s become hard to find a classic daiquiri, The Bristol Lounge has given it pride of place.

News Kids on the Bar

Bärner Mule
Royal Blush
Summer Drink

Less is more


A Negroni is one of those cocktails that you simply must have tried. Named after the Italian Count Camillo Negroni, the cocktail is celebrating its 100th birthday this year. The classic drink is made of equal parts gin, vermouth and Campari. We think you should try one for yourself and see if our barkeeper knows his stuff.

But be careful! Count Negroni’s own doctor recommends you “don’t drink more than 20 Negronis a day.”

Simple is good

Aperol Spritz

Perfect for anyone who finds Negronis too bitter. Sweeter than its counterpart, the Spritz is the drink everyone’s talking about and can be spotted lighting up our terrace with its lovely orange glow every evening.

So new, so good

Bärner Mule

Most cocktail connoisseurs have heard of a Moscow mule. But what about the Bärner Mule? This newcomer has become the shooting star on our drinks menu this summer. The original recipe is only available at The Bristol Lounge. The secret ingredient? Fresh mint and a subtle hint of ginger lend the mule a British touch. Come in, order, enjoy.

A non-alcoholic cocktail
is nothing but sad juice.